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I went to see Tyler and Alison for 1 treatment to help with my persistent knee pain. After only 1 visit, I was able to run again. Highly recommend them.

-Larry J

I just ran OUTSIDE for the first time in a very long time! I’ve been on the treadmill at 170BPM like we talked about, and I’ve been feeling great. Today was the day I marked on my calendar to run outdoors for the first time, and I’m super happy with how I’m feeling!
A teeny tiny bit of discomfort in my left, inner shin, but nothing even remotely close to what it was. Gonna pace out my outdoor runs for now, but this feels like a new beginning 🤩 Thank you!

-Josh T

She literally took me from "can barely walk" to running again, when I thought I was down. I owe about 30 miles to her.

-Craig S

Dr. Modafferi is incredible! She is doesn't look for attention, but you notice her because of the quality of data and results she produces and the quality of the work she puts in. She isn't one day going to have a great career, she is going to be going to be a leading expert on running. I'm lucky to know her while she is so early in her career.

Super fun experience! Results were given on site and the follow up email with the biomechanical markers were a great resource to have.


I enjoyed the process and how the results were explained to me at the end. I was impressed with the set up and equipment used.


-Mike S

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