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Dr. Alison Modafferi, PT, DPT

I am a doctor of physical therapy who prides herself in promoting a healthy lifestyle through movement, self empowerment, and research.

I grew up in Michigan and have been active most of my life. Throughout high school and college, I grew to love everything about the human body. What led me to specifically physical therapy, was a running injury of my own.

It started as a stress fracture in my shin which healed nicely but my orthopedic physician did not offer any rehab or physical therapy options. After being in a boot, I needed some rehab. Fast forward 3 years, shin splints, compartment syndrome, expensive custom orthotics, every type of shoe available, and 3 physical therapists later I am beyond being told "Maybe you were not meant to run" or "just stop running an let it heal".   I finally found myself in physical therapy school learning about gait. I spoke with my biomechanics professor and within 3 sessions I could run AND I could run pain free.

I have never looked back.


Working closely with my mentor, Dr. Tyler Cuddeford, Run the World Physical Therapy & Performance was created.  Run The World is centered around research based treatments designed to provide the most effective care in the industry. 

My purpose is to use my experience, education, and research to shift the physical therapy profession in a direction that is effective, evidence based and directed toward patient goals, while letting you run!

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Larry Julson

I am an experienced running coach who has successfully worked with elite level, masters level, and weekend warrior athletes. While running in college, I earned all American marks in cross country and track at Grand Valley University in Michigan. I can help you get stronger and healthy so you can accomplish any of your goals.

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