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Novice Runners

How do I start?

Running is a great exercise. Like any other exercise, it is important to start and progress safely. 

Based on the most common types of injuries for novice runners, the PREP program and couch to 5k training plan was created. The goal of this plan is to slowly introduce new runners to running and strengthening in a safe way to help to strengthen and condition areas associated with the highest injuries. 

Recreational Runners

How do I get better?

Adjusting training plans, appropriate strengthening and if needed, physical therapy treatments all targeting at improving your performance. Recreational runners come with a slightly different set of injuries. All treatment and training aims at minimizing risk of those.

Competitive Runners

How do I win?

Training errors and adaptations are no longer the goal of treatment focused around competitive runners. A scientific approach centered around physical therapy and current research to design a program to target specific injuries.

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